Pin and Pull RPO eBook

The Pin and Pull RPO is a must have play if you run the Spread Offense. The Pin and Pull RPO is responsible for setting multiple records in the running and passing game at Crestwood High School.

RPOs are becoming popular in the game of football. So why shouldn’t you get in on the action? The Pin and Pull RPO is responsible for helping the Crestwood Black Knights increase their scoring from 11 points per game to 36 points per game in two years.

Doesn’t that sound like something you want your offense to be able to do?

Then get this eBook and learn how to put defenders in conflict, get your players excited about football, and shatter your school’s offensive records.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What’s This eBook About?

Chapter 1: Ask yourself these questions.

Chapter 2: What defensive front dominates your region/conference?

Chapter 3: Primer on Defensive Fronts

Chapter 4: Blocking Pin and Pull Against an Even Front

Chapter 5: Blocking Pin and Pull Against an Odd Front

Chapter 6: Running Back Rules

Chapter 7: Wide Receiver Routes

Chapter 8: Quarterback Reads

Chapter 9: Drilling the Play

Chapter 10: Window Dressing the Play

Chapter 11: That’s it

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